• Support OpenSSL 3.0.


  • Use libyacurs 1.0.2.


  • Fix issue #20


  • Fix issue #17


  • Fix typos in messages

  • Improve detection of wrong master password


  • Maintenance release fixing issue #13


  • Use AES-256 to encrypt files by default

  • Use Argon2 to hash passwords

  • Password generator uses /dev/urandom only. Removed pwgen_rng configuration option from .yapet

  • Use libyacurs 1.0.0


  • Compiles with GCC 6+ and Clang

  • Use libyacurs 0.4

  • Supports OpenSSL 1.1


  • New user interface

  • Colors can be customized in the configuration file

  • Can be suspended by pressing btn:[Control+Z]

  • PET files can be exported to CSV using yapet2csv

  • Dropped support of long command line options

  • New files are created by pressing E

  • Experimental support for multi-byte characters

YAPET 0.8pre2

  • Fixed bug #46

  • No flicker when resizing the terminal window while the screen lock is active

  • Screen lock also activates when password record is open

  • Builds on NetBSD

  • On terminals supporting colors, passwords are hidden when viewing password records in read-only mode. Switching to edit mode will display the password clear text. Selection of hidden passwords still possible

  • The screen is now also locked when a password record is open for reading or editing


  • Password records are opened in read-only mode by default for viewing in order to prevent accidental changes. Pressing btn:[Ctrl+e] in any text field will switch to read-write mode allowing editing password records

  • The password prompt of the lock screen will now time-out. The time-out can be specified in the configuration file

  • Quitting YAPET is now possible even if the screen is locked, unless unsaved changes are pending. This feature can be disabled in the configuration file

  • The password prompt for unlocking the screen disappears after 60 seconds of inactivity. The time-out can be changed in the configuration file

  • Compiles with GCC 4.4 or later

Version 0.6

The file structure of YAPET files has changed in version 0.6. You are strongly advised to make backup copies of your files before using YAPET 0.6.
  • Fixed bug #18 preventing exchange of YAPET files between 32/64 bit architectures

  • /dev/urandom is the default random number generator used for generating passwords (fix for bug #19)

  • The random number generator used for generating passwords can be selected in the ~/.yapet configuration file


  • Built-in password generator

  • VI keys btn:[k] (scroll up) and btn:[j] (scroll down) can be used for navigating the password record list

  • Added command line option for disabling the processing of the per-user configuration file

  • Added command line option for specifying different configuration files to be loaded

  • A ~ (tilde) sign in the load option of configuration files is expanded to the home directory of the user

  • A visual mark next to the number of password records indicates whether or not unsaved records exist

  • csv2yapet can handle field delimiters in field values

  • File suffix can be omitted in ~/.yapet per-user configuration file

  • Case-insensitive search available even when strcasestr() is not supported on the build platform

  • Canceling the Password Record Dialog having changes will display a confirmation dialog

  • Loading a file while the current file having unsaved changes will display a confirmation dialog


  • Dialogs and message boxes can be closed by pressing the escape key

  • Bug allowing to create files named only .pet fixed

  • File owner and permissions will be checked as an additional security measure

  • Time-out until screen is locked can be configured

  • Can read start-up options from configuration file

  • New utility csv2yapet to convert CSV file to YAPET files

YAPET 0.3a

  • Added waiver on GPL for the OpenSSL library

  • Syntax of yapet.desktop is now conforming to the specification of freedesktop.org


  • Patch for building with GCC 4.3 or later applied

  • Patch for displaying cursor and backspace behavior applied

  • Internationalization enabled. Translation for de_CH, de_DE (partially), and de_AT (partially) added

  • Terminal title in XTerm and friends is updated by YAPET

YAPET 0.2:

  • Password entries are now sorted and can be searched

YAPET 0.1:

  • Version 0.1 released