YAPET is a text based password manager using the AES-256 encryption algorithm to store passwords and associated information encrypted on disk. Its primary aim is to provide a safe way to store passwords in a file on disk while having a small footprint, and compiling and running under today’s most popular Unix Systems.

The password records are protected by a master password which is used to encrypt and decrypt the password records.

Supported Platforms

YAPET has been tested on following platforms:

  • FreeBSD

  • OpenBSD

  • NetBSD

  • Linux


YAPET features:

  • AES-256 encryption.

  • Passwords are not kept clear text in memory.

  • Locks the terminal on inactivity.

  • Utilities to convert to and from CSV format.

  • Built-in password generator.

Depends only on three libraries:

Although several precautions were taken to avoid having any passwords stored clear text in memory, there were occasions when core files contained the master password. This means that it is possible, though not likely, for a malicious user to get hold of one or more passwords while YAPET is running.